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Compendium of Champions

The Compendium of Champions is a list of the various tools and areas within the space that are voluntarily championed by a member. The purpose of assigning a champion to a tool or area is to provide a single point of reference in regards to training, maintenance and administration.

The champion is empowered to act on behalf of the group in the interest of the assignment and bound by the responsibilities that may encompass.

A champion is encouraged to delegate to other volunteers to fulfill the entailed responsibilities.

Champions are not financially responsible for equipment breakage, nor do they have any duties above that of a regular member or keyholder, they are merely a point of reference for knowledge and communication.

Tool Champions

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Tool Champion Forum Slack
Sherline CNC Mill Jarrett Jarrett @Jarrett
Mimi Xquared @Xquared
Wood CNC Luke B Lukeo @lukeo
Grizzly G0463 4-axis CNC Mill Richard Sim @rsim @rsim
Green Manual Mill Richard Sim @rsim @rsim
Bill Tait Billiam @Billiam
Green Manual Lathe Richard Sim @rsim @rsim
Bill Tait Billiam @Billiam
Millermatic 211 Welder Rob MacKenzie Rob_MacKenzie @Gimpy
Redsail CM1080 Laser Cutter Laser Cutter Committee
Laser Cutter Filtration System Laser Cutter Committee
Horizontal Metal Bandsaws (Yellow + Green) Richard Sim @rsim @rsim
14" Makita Cut-Off Saw Richard Sim @rsim @rsim
VHS Sewing Machines Sewing and Crafts Committee #sewing-and-more
Server Rack vhs-it-ops channel #vhs-it-ops
Tom Hoff

Area Champions

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Area Champion Forum Slack
Metal Shop Richard Sim @rsim @rsim
Bill Tait Billiam @Billiam
Welding Zone Janet, M
Wood Shop Peter A Smunky @Smunky
Peter W Enquire @Enquire
Material Storage Laser Cutter Committee
Electronics You! Yes, you!
Arts and Crafts Liz Elizabot @elizabot
Network Rob MacKenzie Rob_MacKenzie @Gimpy
Ty TyIsI @TyIsI
3D Printing 3D Printer Work Group
Kitchenette You! Yes, you!
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