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Compendium of Champions

The Compendium of Champions is a summary list of various tools and areas within the space that are voluntarily championed by a member. The purpose of assigning a champion to a tool or area is to provide a single point of reference in regards to training, maintenance and administration. The champion is empowered to act on behalf of the group in the interest of the assignment and bound by the responsibilities that may encompass. A champion is encouraged to delegate to other volunteers to fulfil the entailed responsibilities.

Tool Champions

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Tool Champion
Sherline CNC Mill John Craver and Jarrett
Sherline Manual Mill Richard Sim
Grizzly G0463 4-axis CNC Mill Richard Sim
Green Manual Mill John Craver and Richard Sim
Green Manual Lathe John Craver and Richard Sim
Redsail CM1080 Laser Cutter Laser Cutter Committee
Horizontal Metal Bandsaws (Yellow + Green) Richard Sim
Server Rack Tom Hoff
MAME Cabinet Tyson Haverkort
Vending Machine Dan Royer

Area Champions

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