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Sherline 5000 CNC mill

Status Sort of works (contact Jarrett, Richard, or Luke B for details)
Training Mandatory
Hackable Sort of (please keep usable as a CNC machine)
Usage Restrictions Members Only
Owner VHS
If it Breaks Put a “broken” sign on machine, post to Talk with details.
Loan Status Donated to VHS by John Craver
Arrival Date June 2010
Location Workshop
Champion See Compendium of Champions


Forum thread:

For regular mill's operation:
login: vhs
password: vhs

For administrative tasks only the root password is hackspace.

Safety at a Glance

CNC machines don't care what they're cutting, whether it is steel, or human flesh for that matter...


  • Safety Glasses
  • Clamping devices (apply liberally; better to have more clamps at moderate pressure than few at great pressure, to avoid damaging the T-slot)
  • an experienced machine operator (if this is not you, you must get someone to help you!)
  • long hair must be tied back

Optional (but recommended):

  • Face Shield

Not recommended (must have a reason why):

  • Hearing Protection (The CNC machine isn't very loud, and you will be able to determine how well a particular job is running based on how the machine sounds)


  • Gloves, loose clothing (NEVER near rotating machinery!)
  • Unclamped Material (can be thrown off the machine!)

Safe Operation


  • With the power disconnected, clear all non essential material from the CNC working area.
  • Connect power.
  • Open the front door of the CNC cabinet to access the keyboard, mouse, axis power and PC power.
  • Make sure axis power is set to off.
  • Turn on the PC.
  • login: vhs
  • password: vhs
  • Start LinxCNC
  • Make sure the big red Emergency stop button is off (pulled out).
  • Enable the axis power.
  • verify that there are no loose wires and the machine appears to be in good working order
  • handle any warning messages that LinuxCNC reports.
  • Proceed with prep and cut.


Shut down

  • Quit LinuxCNC
  • Disable axis power
  • Logout of linux with the “shutdown” option
  • Wait for all systems to turn off
  • Disconnect CNC
  • Stow keyboard, mouse, and extension cord in CNC
  • Remove your tool(s) from the chuck.
  • Clean up the cutting leftovers. The next user thanks you!

PCB Milling

Notes for later:

  1. Machine zero, work zero and G28:
  2. We have collets for 3mm, 4mm, 6mm and 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4“ shank end mills.
  3. We have a step block hold down set, a milling vice and a set of extra T-nuts to clamp your work.
  4. The upper e-stop button should work, but verify that it stops the mill before you begin any real operation.
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