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member storage box

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Storing some personal items at VHS is often not only practical but necessary for many members! We all would like to enjoy the convenience of having the odd project or part kicking around at the hackspace when you want to get back to it, rather than having to pack it in and out every visit. The spirit of this policy is to make member storage an equal opportunity for members in a scalable and manageable way.

The bins offer many advantages, you own it, VHS just stores it; They are mobile - you can bring your stuff in one go right to your work space. They are compact but appropriate dimensions - their dimensions are more compatible with most of the things members tend to store. They are stackable, lockable and robust - we can stack these bins 5 high, they can take a ton of weight and abuse and you can slap a lock on them to keep your stuff secure. That said, it is easier to walk out of the space with a bin than it is a locker, but we feel that the advantages overall significantly outweigh this risk.


  • You may store exactly 1 (one) ULine S-9745GR (any colour) Bin at VHS for your personal stuff (see section 1)
  • Must have your full name and/or email and/or member id and/or registered member alias (see section 12)
  • Decorate as you like so long as your name is visible (see section 14)
  • You can move other member bins around within the space (see section 5)
  • You own the bin, you can take it home whenever you like. (see section 1)


[Q] How is this better than the lockers?

[A] Lockers are a limited resource and not reasonable to make them available to every member. The physical dimension of the lockers are not well suited for many of the types of items VHS members typically store at VHS. The bins themselves are mobile, members can take them to their work areas or easily transport them to and from home. Less frequently accessed bins can be stored on higher shelves and many more bins can be stored in the same area the lockers take.

[Q] Do I have to buy a bin

[A] No, you do not have to buy a bin.

[Q] Why did you choose that bin? Can I bring in my own bin?

[A] If you own a ULINE S-9745 bin of any colour in serviceable condition you may use it! We chose this particular bin because the design is stable, both by physical standards but also the manufacture will not change dimensions or structure of this product line. We can be certain that when we buy more bins in the future for members or otherwise that we will always receive compatible bins. Additionally, the manufacture is a stable company expected to last and provide this product line for any reasonable expectation of the duration of this member bin program.

[Q] How do I purchase a bin?

[A] Contact SPORGCON, in the future via Nomos or the like. Or directly from ULine:

or go to Home depot:

[Q] Will there be a monthly fee, like the lockers?

[A] None! The only payment is buying your bin. VHS stores it on location as part of the membership dues. See section 11 below.

[Q] What do I do if I see a bin bubbling with foul smelling liquid.

[A] Contact the BoD !

[Q] Can I move someone else’s bin if it’s in the way?

[A] Yes! The idea behind the bins is that they are expected to be movable/organizable. Obviously move bins respectfully and make sure they land in a place that is reasonably accessible! If you have items that cannot be knocked around a little, consider not storing them in your bin.

VHS Member Bins Policy

  • 1. Each member has the option to purchase and store on VHS property exactly 1 (one) ULINE S-9745 bin of any colour
  • 2. Members are responsible for securing their own bin with their own lock
  • 3. VHS commits to having the bin stored on VHS property
  • 4. No member shall tamper with or otherwise attempt to gain access to any Member bins other than their own without explicit permission from the owner.
  • 5. Bins not currently in active use by their owner while present may be relocated anywhere within VHS property without requiring consent from any other member provided they are handled with care, in the correct up-right position and deposited in a stable location that is generally considered reasonably accessible by any VHS member.
  • 6. If the owner of the bin is present, they are responsible to relocate their bin to any location considered not to be obstructing the activity(ies) of any other member upon request.
  • 7. In the event of membership termination the owner is obligated to retrieve their bin from VHS property within 30 days of the last day of their membership. Failure to do so after 30 days the bin and it’s contained items become the property of VHS up to the discretion of the BoD
    • 7.1. The BoD may extend the retrieval window beyond 30 days, at their discretion, in the event of exceptional circumstances, such as but not limited to member’s temporary but longer than 30 day absence, to facilitate timeline constraints of logistical coordination for retrieval (shipping/receiving timing, etc)
  • 8. Neither VHS nor the BoD are obligated to provide any exceptional access to VHS property in order to retrieve or access member bins beyond normal operating circumstances. Member Bin Owners are expected to anticipate and plan access and/or retrieval of their bins accordingly.
  • 9. Members may not store any of the following within their bins:
    • 9.1. Items considered to be illegal in Canada
    • 9.2. Volatile items (e.g. Explosives, strong acids, fuels, chemical batteries, etc)
    • 9.3. Noxious items (e.g. feces, strong perfumes, etc)
    • 9.4. Unsecured gases, liquids or solids that may leak or otherwise escape from the bin while closed
  • 10. The owner of the bin is solely responsible for the contents of their bin and for any damage that may occur to their property or because of their property, while on VHS property.
  • 11. Members are not required to pay any additional fees, incidental or recurring, beyond as described in section 1.
  • 12. The bin must visibly and legibly bare a label which uniquely identifies the owning member. This label must be at least any one of the following:
    • 12.1. Full name (first name, last name)
    • 12.2. E-mail Address
    • 12.3. VHS Membership ID number (Nomos user ID)
    • 12.4. VHS registered alias (Nomos login username)
  • 13. Owners are responsible for labelling and maintaining the labelling of their bin
  • 14. Owners may decorate their bins in anyway they please so long as it does not obstruct or confuse the legibility of the bin’s unique identifier or compromise the structural integrity of the bin.
  • 15. Under no circumstance shall any member but the owning member, mark, modify, deface, dissolve, destroy, or otherwise damage or compromise the integrity or security of any other member bin beyond regular wear and tear of the bin described in section 1 withstanding the modifications done by the owning member described in section 12, 13 and 14. Lest they be responsible for the replacement cost of the original member’s bin as described in section 1.
  • 16. In the event that a member bin may be damaged or otherwise have its integrity or security compromised, it is the responsibility of VHS or any member thereof to promptly notify the owner or by proxy via the BoD. The owner is then responsible for removing the damaged and/or compromised bin immediately upon discovery and may replace their bin at their discretion as described in section 1.
    • 16.1 If reasonable attempts to contact the owner of the damaged and/or compromised bin fails within 24 hours, the BoD may, at their discretion, remove or otherwise secure the bin and it’s content without the consent of the owner.

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