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Safety at VHS

The Vancouver Hack Space is an open-concept area, and we are very welcoming of folks no matter how much knowledge or previous experience you have, but we also have some very dangerous tools and chemicals readily available.

If you are not qualified to use our dangerous tools, or are unsure, please ask! A list of rules will not keep you safe; safety comes from knowing how to recognize all possible hazards and understanding how to deal with them. You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of others.

All tools in the “workshop area” (the back half of the space) are members only. Feel free to come down and use our soldering irons, hand tools, and test gear, however.


All VHS visitors, be they a member or not are required to sign a release waiver before entering the space. This waiver releases the VHS society from any legal responsibility for you injuring yourself in our space. You can read a copy of the release waiver here.

A brief overview of our safety gear:

Please familiarize yourself with all of the below before undertaking anything remotely dangerous.

Emergency Power Shutoffs

Coming Soon

First aid kits

Fire extinguishers

  • Red one up at the front of The Hangout above the metal desk expired?
  • Small red one above blue craft lockers near soldering stations
  • Small red one near BYTES sign above member lockers
  • White spray bottle by laser cutter - for small flare-ups

Eye wash station

near workshop entrance Gone, we need a new one

Yellow sharps container

Currently located on main small tools shelving

Naloxone Kit

Face Protection

  • Safety glasses are located in the small tool shelves to the right of the entrance to the wood shop area. There are various sizes and styles available for use (some will fit over regular glasses, some will provide good peripheral vision, childrens sizes, etc)
  • Respirators
  • Face shields

Hearing Protection


  • Gloves are available in a variety of styles
    • Leather protective gloves are in the small tools area near the central work tables
    • Latex and Nitrile gloves are with the cleaning supplies in the Ops room
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