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Venables space planning & set-up

(status: new section sand box development) This section is intended to provide a concise & current and updated situation report on the planning and set-up of the new space on Venables (2019).

It is not intended to replace the ongoing discussion on Talk but, rather, to be a concise one-stop place for members to view a snapshot of the current consensus on how the new space is being planned out and set-up. It is also a place where interested parties can identify their areas of interest/contribution/collaboration.

We are currently seeking champions for our areas

Floor Plan

Electric Power Distribution

Hackspace Improvements

Here is a list of possible group projects/space improvements that can be undertaken by members!

Do you have an idea to make the space better, but don't have the time? Add it!

Do you want to make the space better, but don't have ideas? Feel free to take ownership!

  • Timed locking system for mullet doors
  • #vhs-tapkit in slack
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