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Administration and Governance

VHS has a board of directors that tries to remain largely uninvolved and democratic. We strive to have a flat hierarchy where every member, keyholder and director is given equal say in our society. However, Directors are there to take over in issues of legality, finance, building maintenance and interpersonal conflict in order to keep our space afloat.

These are the formal duties of a director.

Current Board of Directors

Tenure Name Forum Slack
2020- present John Craver @JohnC
2017 - present Alex Cruise Aargh @arrgh
2019 - present Tristan Lane TristanL @TristanL
2020- present Jim Stamper @jim

Contact the board:

Membership Inquiries:

All other inquiries can be sent through our contact form

Past Directors

Tenure Name
2019 - 2020 Bill T
2018 - 2020 Maryam L
2017 - 2020 Mimi X
2016 - 2019 Luke B
2015 - 2019 Rob M
2018 - 2019 David B
2015 - 2016 John C
2015 - 2016 Jarret R
2015 - 2016 Dennis F
2015 - 2016 James S
2015 - 2016 Sean H

Constitution and Bylaws


Official Meetings

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