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Ratified Policies

The following are a list of policies that have been ratified at general meetings.

Members can propose new policies too! Just follow these helpful proposing a policy guidelines.

Code of Conduct/Anti-Harassment/Grievance Procedure

TL:DR - Be excellent to each other. Or else.

Code of Conduct/Anti-Harassment/Grievance Procedure

Committee Policy

TL:DR - Members can form committees, those committees can make rules around specific things or tools, everyone has to follow those rules.

Committee Policy - May 25, 2019

Expense Approval

TL:DR - you pay for your own parking tickets/fines/damage

Expense Approval - March 15, 2015

Member Fees and Vouching

TL:DR - $75/month, 1 month wait before you can apply for keyholder, application takes a week and needs 3 vouches.

Member Fee and Vouching - May 23, 2020

Member Storage Bins

TL:DR - you can have a bin, it has to be the right kind of bin

Membership Storage Bins - April 3, 2016

Garbage and Recycling

TL:DR we have a bin and a tote, there are rules, violators will be shamed.

Garbage and Recycling

VHS House Rules

TL:DR - Be excellent to each other.

VHS House Rules May 25 2019

Old Policies for cleanup below:

Tidy Space

Adopt Tidy Space Policy as posted on Talk, under the Tidy Space Committee, enforcement will start on April 28th[, 2018].

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