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Proposing Policies and you!

Deal with this:

Our Bylaws allow us to adopt Policies and Procedures that the membership is required to follow (see sections 2.2 and 2.5).

Proposals for Policies or Procedures must be submitted to the membership in the Members Only/QGM area of our Talk forum.

Proposals require the support of a minimum of two members. See Section 81(1) of the societies act.

The proposal must:

  • Contain the proposers names
  • Contain the full and final text of the proposal.
  • Be submitted with proper notice (two weeks before the meeting, as defined in our bylaws)
  • Not be changed once the notice of the meeting has gone out.
  • Be less than 200 words, if the proposed motion excedes this, please attach it to the motion as a schedule ie: “I want to propose we adopt the policy “bar” as attached as schedule “foo””
  • Be consistent with the existing Bylaws and Policies and Procedures of the Society (see 2.5 of our Bylaws)

Notices of members meetings should include the text of all proposals to be considered at that meeting.

For example:

John Doe and Jane Smith would like to propose the following Policy:

All members will be required to wear silly hats on February 31st, the list of acceptable silly hats is attached as Schedule A.

Schedule A: List of acceptable silly hats:

  • Bucket hats - only if chartreuse
  • Capuchons - all
  • Party hats - only if containing reflective elements
  • Propeller beanies - only if motorized or steam powered
  • Hats containing LED’s
  • Hats containing interactive electronic elements
  • Hats containing sound producing devices including record players, megaphones, streaming audio devices, pipe organs and bagpipes.
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