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Super Happy Hacker House

Super Happy Hacker House (SHHH) is inspired by the Super Happy Dev House and Hackerspaces communities.

From the SHDH site:

“… a non-exclusive event intended for creative and curious people interested in technology. We're about knowledge sharing, technology exploration, and ad-hoc collaboration. Come to have fun, build things, learn things, and meet new people. It's called hacker culture, and we're here to encourage it.”

Most importantly, regular SHHH events will provide a time and space for such collaboration. What we make of it is up to each participant.

Super Happy Hacker How-To

Want to run one?

  1. Pick a date! (Try to make sure that the people organising are available and that there are no major (community) events that evening.)
  2. Pick the title
  3. Write the announcement post
  4. Post the announcement post on Talk in the Events & Announcement category
  5. Update the announcement post with the announcement post URL
  6. Post the announcement post on the blog
  7. Create event in the calendar
  8. Create the Facebook event, or get an FB admin to do so
  9. Post a call for challenge coins
  10. If needed, post a call for drinks sponsor

Note Blog posts automatically get posted to Facebook and from there onto Twitter.

Here's an Example Announcement

Typical Event Schedule:

  • Noon: Open House
  • 6pm: Show and Tell
  • 8pm+: SHHH
  • 11pm: Lightning Talks (Challenge Coins are made for this)


If any local companies would like to support SHHH, they are encouraged to purchase food and/or drinks for hackers.

What about the Booze?

TL:DR if we have a 'staff party' that is not open to the public we can serve liquor without a permit. As long as the directors send an invite to the membership first.


An SEP is not required for a staff party if the party is held in a closed office or business premise that is not regularly licensed. The party must be restricted to the owners or employers, employees and their guests and liquor may only be served but not sold.

BC Special Occasion Permits

2.3 When a Special Occasion Licence is Not Required:
The special event is held in a private place (if there is any doubt about whether a proposed venue is a private place, the individual or organization holding the event should consult with a BC Liquor Store manager or LCLB) and liquor is served but not sold. A private place includes: a closed office or business premise that is not a licensed establishment, provided that all the following conditions are met:

  • the area used for the event is not visible to the public
  • the nature and size of the event is such that it will not draw the attention of the public through excessive noise or other disturbances
  • members of the public cannot enter
  • attendance is by prior invitation only
  • the special event is attended only by the employer and employees and their guests (or board members and staff and their guests, if the office is not a business)
  • no fee is charged for entry or entertainment and no fee is charged for services related to the service of liquor (e.g., fees for mix, ice and glasses), and
  • the event occurs in the office space normally occupied by the business or agency hosting the event.

History of SHHH Events

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