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SmartSpace is a project to enhance the space with Internet of Things type of devices and services.

SmartSpace consists of three components:

  • SpaceBus, a Mosquitto-based MQTT broker service that will allow users/devices/services to pass messages. SpaceBus features a controlled part for protected use (such as phone notifications) and an open part for general use
  • SmartSpace services, a variety of services that can connect to the SpaceBus, including Sergeant, Node-Red, Grafana, Influxdb, SIP monitoring and URL monitoring
  • SmartSpace devices, devices around the space that either act as consumers or publishers on the SpaceBus. Example: visual phone notification aids or automatic sign control based on isvhsopen



The SmartSpace repository is hosted on GitHub:

Access via #vhs-it-ops on Slack


While this is under development, ask in #vhs-it-ops



For now, read only access is available on on port 1883


SpaceBus uses the following patterns/naming conventions:


Type Topic Naming Purpose Read Access Write Access
Config / config / device Push configurations to devices VHS Restricted VHS Restricted
Devices / devices / device / key Push/update specific device settings or values VHS Restricted VHS Restricted
Events / events / category / name Topic for single event reporting Public VHS Restricted
Status / status / category / key Topic for general status reporting. Public VHS Restricted
Projects / projects / project / key / Topic for project specific things Public Project Restricted
Tests / test / anything Topic for testing Public Public

Special categories:

  • services
  • space


  • SIP monitor reports its status to /status/services/sip-to-mqtt and incoming calls to /events/phone/ring
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