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Millermatic 211 GMAW Welder

model Millermatic 211
Status Operational
Usage Restrictions Members with Training
Training Mandatory
User certification required YES
Hackable NO
Owner VHS
If it Breaks Let #welding Slack or Metal Janet know, put up an Out of Order sign
Loan Status Semi-Permanent Loan
Arrival Date September 2016
Location Rear Metal Area
Champion Metal Janet, Welding committee


Millermatic 211 Welder

Current Status

The welder is ready to be used, check out #welding on Slack for more information. Lessons per request, sliding scale per request, check-outs offered for experienced users.

We typically run solid core .030 mild steel fill wire, and 75 Ar/ 25 CO2 gas.

The machine is configured to run on 230v.

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