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3D Printer Work Group


January, 2015


  • Maintain the 3D printing machines and area
  • Ensure training and safe operation.


Name Slack Talk
Amy Walker @amy noirsette
Steve Roy @Steveroy SteveRoy
Brian Stubbs @Brian Stubbs Brian_Stubbs
Luke Brooks @lukeo Lukeo
Janet Smith @metal_janet Metal_Janet
Tamara Hurtado @Tamara_VA7ETR Tamara_VA7ETR
Mimi @xquared xquared
Yeung Xiao @yeungx yeungx


  • Ashley
  • Interlock
  • Inez G
  • Kev MacD
  • Dan Royer
  • Daniel DeGagne
  • Bernie
  • Denny H


Request to join on #3d_printing on Slack.

Post a message to the 3D Printer workgroup thread on the forum.

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