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Redsail CM1080 Laser Cutter

Everybody loves lasers

Status OPERATIONAL as of April 9, 2024
Training YES (see below)
Hackable NO
Usage Restrictions Members Only
Owner Vancouver Hack Space
If it Breaks Turn off. Put a BROKEN sign on machine. Notify forums and Laser Cutter Committee immediately.
Loan Status Owned by VHS
Arrival Date March 30, 2012
Location Back of VHS
Value $3500 + ~$1000 to get it here and set up
Champion See Compendium of Champions


All members using the laser cutter must have read and understand the Laser Cutter Operation Manual and completed VHS Laser Cutter Training.

The dangers associated with the laser cutter include beam exposure, fire, electrocution, and exposure to dangerous fumes.

While it is important to follow all rules and guidelines, the following are critical:

  1. Wear the Laser safety glasses at all times.
  2. Operator must remain within 1m of the machine and monitor cutting at all times when the machine is in operation.
  3. Only burn Approved Materials. (See Laser Cutter Approved Materials List)

Failure to follow these rules may result in immediate loss of Laser Cutter priviledges.

Laser Cutter Training

Anyone who wishes to use the laser cutter must be both a VHS member, and have completed VHS Laser Cutter Training. Class dates are announced on the VHS forum) and are on our calendar


  • Work area size: 1000mm x 800mm
  • Bed size: 1020mm x 820mm
  • Type: CO2
  • Power: 80W
  • Controller: Ruida 6445 (replacement installed in 2023)
  • Power supply: LSR-JN80WCO2-2V
    • Input: AC 220V
    • Power: 80Watt, 100Watt peak
    • Triggering Voltage: 28KV
    • Operating Voltage: 22KV
    • Current: 32mA max
    • 3pin terminal pinout: G, AC, AC
    • 6pin terminal pinout: H, L, WP, G, IN, 5V
  • 3-Phase Stepper Motor Drivers: Cloudray 3DM580S or Moons 3SR8H
    • Note: Different driver models have different pinouts even though the connectors are the same. DO NOT swap connectors without changing the wire order.
    • Input: DC 40V
    • Motor current: 4A
    • Steps/rev: 5000
    • Idle current: half
    • Power-on self test: off

Usage and Maintenance

Further Information


Possible upgrades

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