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VHS Laser Cutter Training

Completion of the VHS Laser Cutter Training is required for anyone who wants to operate the Laser Cutter. Training is provided by members of the Laser Cutter Committee.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the VHS Laser Cutter Training, trainees will be able to:

  • Describe the basic operation of the laser cutter
  • Operate the VHS Laser Cutter safely
  • Use the Laser Access System to authenticate and access the Laser Cutter
  • Use LaserCAD software to import a design, select multiple operations, choose operation settings, position the design, and execute a cutting operation
  • Determine if a material is laserable at VHS
  • List some tips for using the machine effectively

This training is intended to provide a basic overview of how to use the machine safely and effectively. This training does not cover the intricacies of design for laser cutting.


  • VHS Membership - You must be a member to operate the Laser Cutter. It is possible to take the training before you are member, but you will not be able to operate the Laser Cutter until you become a member.


Cost: $30 via cash or through the one-time donation link here. Time: One session, ~2.5-3 hours Scheduling: On-demand / varies, but typically at least 1 / month.

Training can be requested by locating the pinned conversation on the Forum

Frequently Asked Questions

I've completed Laser cutter training at XXX, do I still need to complete VHS Laser Cutter Training?

Yes. The training contains material that is specific to the equipment and workflow for the Laser Cutter at Vancouver Hack Space.

What do I need to bring with me to training?

Other than payment, no additional supplies are required for training. However, you may wish to bring some means of taking notes (e.g. pen/pencil & paper)

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