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Manual Mill

Status Operational as of November 2013
Training Required
Hackable NO
Usage Restrictions Members Only
Owner (VHS or Name of proper owner)
If it Breaks (Panic procedure, usually involving emailing list and “broken” sign)
Loan Status Temporary
Arrival Date November 2013
Location (Location within VHS, eg Workshop
Champion See Compendium of Champions


Always wear eye protection while using the mill. Do not use the mill if you do not know how to use this type of machine. If used improperly; workpieces of pieces of cutting tools can be thrown around the shop at high velocity.

Specifications: Mill

Mill is a Long Chang LC-15A. Very little info for this mill is available online.

Please review this Basic Manual

The following information was measured from the mill and may be inaccurate.

Spindle Taper: Measured ~3.215in long, 0.8in minor diameter, 0.95in major diameter. Very close to Morse #3

Table: 1/2in T slots


To move mill head up and down (major vertical adjustment); you need to loosen two bolts on the right-hand-side of the head, and use the crank on the left-hand-side of the mill to raise or lower. Retighten securing bolts before use (when untightened, crank has huge slop).


X/Y - handwheels on table

Z - large grab handle on right of mill, or handwheel on front of mill. Black locking ring on grab-handle on right of mill engages/disengages handwheel. This axis can be locked via the small black lever on the front-left of the mill head.


We have a drilling vise intended for use with this mill that clamps to the mill table.

We have a set of 1/2in T nuts + fingers + step blocks for the CNC mill that will also fit this mill.


- Drill Chuck - (many more in varying condition)

Speeds & Feeds

Cutting speeds can be determined easily by using this cutting speed nomogram. The original cutting speed nomogram came from Ian at the BCSME.


A written tutorial won't suffice! Don't touch the machine unless you've received training!

Maintenance Log

Note Date Who
Wiki entry created Nov 20, 2013 Thomas L.
Wiki entry updated Nov 27, 2013 QuanaParker
Vice alined and bolted to table Nov 26, 2013 QuanaParker
Tool/Work bench built grizzly_toolbench_img_3981.jpg grizzly_toolbench_img_3983.jpg Nov 26, 2013 QuanaParker
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