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VHS Metal Shop

With the move into our new location, the Metal Shop has expanded! We now have a dedicated metal fabrication area, a small, enclosed machine shop, as well as the CNC area.


The Fabrication area features:

  • Miller MIG welder
  • Horizontal bandsaws
  • Steel welding table with vise
  • Coal-fired Forge
  • Bench shear (work in progress)

The Machine Shop holds:

  • Manual lathe
  • Manual mill
  • Benchtop drill press
  • Workbench with vise (work in progress)

Our CNC area has:

  • Grizzly CNC mill
  • Sherline CNC mill (currently being hacked into something else)

The Solidworks and Fusion 360 workstation is close at hand, as well as the shelves of hand tools.


As these power tools are potentially dangerous, specific training is required. Feel free to reach out to Area and Tool Champions, Richard @rsim or Bill Billiam to arrange training.

Please keep the area clean and organized at all times as a cluttered or dirty workshop can be a safety hazard.

If you use the Metal Shop, it is your responsibility to clean up when you're done. We should all strive to leave the shop in a *better* state than you found it. This can be as simple as sweeping up debris that was missed before, or putting tools that you didn't use away, or the occasional “deep clean” that gets into the corners, and machines get a complete wipedown.

We're working hard to provide an excellent space for welding and machining; please do your part.

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