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Arts and Crafts Area

Located near the front of the building is the crafting area consisting of two tables. The sewing desk against the wall, and the cutting table in the centre.

Do not dump your junk on the cutting table.

Status Operational as of March 2019
Training Recommended
Usage Restrictions Anyone
Creation Date VHS Epoch
Location Centre table near the Hangout at the front, and side desk
Champion See Compendium of Champions


While the crafting area may not hold VHS's most dangerous tools, it is always important to not underestimate the dangers of small tools. There are many sharp blades and needles in this space that must be looked after, as well as hot glue guns, irons and noxious chemicals.

  • Always cap your blades when not in use. This reduces damage to both humans and blades.
  • Do not leave pins and needles on the floor. They have the potential to puncture footwear and then you need a tetanus shot.
  • Unplug machines you are not using, especially hot irons

The biggest way to maintain a safe environment is to maintain a clean environment. Please clean up and put away anything you are not using in its proper home.



The crafting area has a mini library in the lockers beside the desk, containing machine manuals and patterns, as well as other helpful books and inspiration.

-Document library contents here-

Need help?

If there is a major break, contact Liz on the Compendium of Champions

Post on Slack in #sewing-and-more

Come to Liz's open hours (usually every other Sunday afternoon, check the calendar).

Come to Metal Janet's open hours (usually Friday evenings, check the calendar). Metal Janet can train you on the industrial sewing machine.

Turn left to the paint room

Turn right to the lockers

Move forward to the central work tables

Move Back to the Hangout

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