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Sewing Equipment

There are several large pieces of essential sewing and tailoring equipment available. Training is not needed to use any of them, but is recommended for best results.

Black and Decker Irons

VHS Currently has two available crafting irons. One is dedicated to clean use and the other is for messier applications such as fabric paint or plastic that may get gunk on the surface. Check the labels.

Ironing Boards

VHS has two ironing boards, one for clean projects and one for messy projects. Please check the labels.

Conair Steamer

The steamer is for loosening wrinkles out of fabric, and possibly making longbows, who knows. To get started, empty the old water from the tank and put new water in. You do NOT need to fill it up to full. Halfway is more than enough for even large projects. The jug has a no-spill cap on it, so you can tip it upside down and place it in the holster. Plug in, turn on.

Do not let the steamer run dry. If you run out of water, turn it off and go add more. Do not leave the steamer running unattended as the steam is HOT and can easily scald.

Dress Form

We have a half-length dress form available

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