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Sewing and Crafts Committee

Established: July 2021

Goals: Maintain the sewing and crafting equipment and supplies

Arts and Crafts Area


  • Liz @elizabot
  • Yeung @yeungx
  • Meghan @Meghan Halton

Contact: Post in the #sewing-and-more Slack channel

Todo list:

  • Test all the sewing machines at the space and update the wiki
  • * in progress, ongoing
  • Arrange for repairs on any machines that aren’t working
  • * in progress, ongoing
  • Update signage on industrial machine (Liz has talked to Metal Janet & dbynoe)
  • Start a sewing machine loaner program
  • * Need to make a sewing kit with scissors, pins, etc. to go with the loaner.
  • Figure out a better solution for scissor storage, then have scissors sharpened and/or get new ones
  • * Current best idea is to cut some tags reading “fabric only” out of plywood or acrylic or something and tie them to the scissors
  • Sort and evaluate fabric scraps
  • Start a wishlist of supplies or equipment that would be useful
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