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Makita 14-inch Portable Cut-Off Saw

Cutt-off saw for steel and other ferrous metals. Do not use on Aluminum!

Status Working as of August 2018
Training Required
Hackable NO
Usage Restrictions Members Only
Owner Richard Sim
If it Breaks Unplug machine, put a “broken” sign on machine, contact Richard.
Loan Status Loaned
Arrival Date August 2018
Location Metalwork Area
Value $$$
Champion See Compendium of Champions

Safe Operation

Before plugging in, check the blade for damage, wear, or excessive glazing. Do not use if any of these issues are present.

Always wear safety glasses.

Securely clamp material before cutting.

Ensure no people or flammable materials will be hit by sparks or hot metal.

Do not touch cut material until it cools.

Please see the manual for complete safety guidelines and instructions.


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