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Get Trained Before you Use Them

There are a few machines in the VHS that are very delicate, dangerous, and/or expensive. For the safety and enjoyment of every member we ask that you be vetted by a trained member before attempting to use any of the following machines:

  • The drill press
  • The CNC milling machines
  • The CNC router
  • The manual metalworking lathe
  • The manual milling machine
  • The laser cutter
  • The grinder
  • The vertical and horizontal band-saws
  • The abrasive cut-off saw
  • The welder
  • The table saw
  • The power tools

Please ask around to find who is vetted and can clear you for use on these machines. Many have specific training requirements that must first be completed. See here for a list of the training and their cost.

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