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h1. Propeller Microcontroller

The Propeller is a multi-core microcontroller by Parallax.

h2. Specs

* 8 cores (cogs) * 32-bit architecture * Max clock speed 80MHz (note that Spin code executes much slower than this) * Each core has 2K SRAM for programs and data * 32KB EEPROM used to store programs * Programmable by serial interface * VGA output

h2. Windows development tools

* "Parallax home page": * "Wikispaces Propeller Wiki, lots of useful info": * "Wikipedia entry, good detail":

h2. Languages

The Propeller can be programmed in assembler or Spin. There are also third party C compilers available.

h3. Assembler

The Propeller has a small instruction set and is well documented in the Propeller manual.

h3. Spin

A bytecode interpreted language by Parallax. Most of the high level libraries are written in Spin. Each cog can fit a copy of the interpreter in its SRAM, but bytecode is read from hub memory which slows down execution. See the wikipedia page for details.

* "BST": (Brad's Spin Tool) is a cross-platform tool suite for developing Spin programs.

h3. C

There are two C implementations

* "Imagecraft": make a commercial compiler, $99 for non-commercial use * "Catalina": is an open source compiler currently in beta. It is based on the lcc compiler and comes with a complete ieee floating point implementation

h3. Other open/free development tools

* "Program loader script (python, requires pyserial)": * "Homespun Spin compiler": * Propasm - Propeller assembler, written in Java

h2. Docs

* "Documentation including Propeller manual, board schematics, lab exercises. (10MB)": * "Propeller protobard designs for the beginner":


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