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OpenWRT on the WRTU54G-TM

Download: openwrt-WRTU54G-TM.7z or alternative link here openwrt-WRTU54G-TM.7z

Resetting stock firmware to default settings

1)Unplug the power from the device
2)Plug the power back into the device and wait 30 seconds
2)Using a pin, press and hold the button right beside the port labeled “PHONE2” (its red) for 30 seconds
3)Keep the button pressed down and unplug the power for 30 seconds.
4)Keep the button pressed down and plug the power in for 30 seconds.
5)Finally let go of the button and power cycle the device by unplugging and plugging the power back in.

Flashing procedures:

1)Reset the device to default settings (See above)
2)Connect an ethernet cable from your computer to the router
3)Once you've gotten an IP from the router go to
4)Log on using the username “admin” and the password “admin”
5)Rename “openwrt-adm8668-squashfs.bin” to “WRTU54G-TM_v1.00.26.bin” IVE ALREADY DONE THIS
6)Press the “Administration” link at the top right, and then press “Firmware Upgrade” link or just use this url: and upload openwrt-WRTU54G-TM/12.09-rc2/WRTU54G-TM_v1.00.26.bin
7)Wait until the url changes to and you see “Upgrade is successful.”
8)Unplug your ethernet cable and plug it back in so that you get a new ip from the router. (or disable and renable the network device, or linux users can do “dhclient eth0”.)
9)Go to set the password for the device.

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