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Boge Air Compressor

Big Ol' 7.5HP Air compressor! Arrived 2024-01-11

Make & Model
Serial Number serial number
User Manual Boge Air Compressor Manual
Status Operational as of June 2023
Training RTFM
Hackable NO (Please get consensus from all members before modifying, because this compressor provides compressed air for many different areas within the space!)
Usage Restrictions Anyone
Owner VHS
If it Breaks (Panic procedure, usually involving emailing list and “broken” sign)
Loan Status (Unknown, Owned, Permanent, Temporary, Semi-Permanent
Arrival Date Date (Donated by UBC)
Location Compressor head is in the compressor closet, receiver (tank) is under the laser cutter bench.
Value $$
Champion none yet. @androidLX, @JohnC, or @fish are probably the most knowledgeable so far


This should outline safety concerns and guidelines for the tool and its operation.


Detailed specifications and references to information describing the tool. Strive for comprehensive!


Instructions on how to use the tool or links to references, pdf guide or something. This should be a solid basis for any required training.

Maintenance Log

Any maintenance, repairs, relocations, changes, etc. to the tool should be logged below with a note, date and who!

Note Date Who
Wiki entry updated 2024-07-01 JohnC
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