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Reliable Sewing Machines 4000SW walking foot

The don't-mess-around & will-sew-darn-near-anything industrial machine. It will happily sew leather, canvas, denim, bike tires, and other thick materials. Also your fingers.

Quick facts

Status Operational October 2019
Training Not required if you are comfortable with domestic machines
Hackable NO
Usage Restrictions Authorized and trained members only
Owner David Bynoe
If it Breaks Contact David - @dbynoe on slack and talk
Loan Status Loaned by dbynoe- contact if its removal is desired
Location Beside sewing desk
Value $$$$
Champion See Compendium of Champions


Please contact @dbynoe or @metal_janet on slack or talk for training

Training Notes:

Main Hazards

* The motor is very powerful and has a lot of inertia. It can go through the bone of your finger, and WHEN YOU TURN OFF THE MACHINE THE MOTOR REMAINS SPINNING FOR SEVERAL MINUTES. If the foot pedal is accidentally pressed while the motor is still spinning, the machine will run. Exercise caution while threading the machine. (see below)

Turning the machine on

  • The power switch is located on the underside of the table on the right hand side
  • Turning on the power switch will cause the motor to turn on at full speed. It is very quiet.
  • The machine will not move until the foot pedal engages the clutch - unlike a domestic sewing machine it is not necessary (or advised) to fully depress the foot pedal to get started

Turning the machine off

  • Due to inertia the motor will continue to spin for several minutes after being turned off, this could result in unexpected movement of the machine - DO NOT REST YOUR FEET ON THE FOOT PEDAL WHEN THREADING THE MACHINE.
  • To render the machine safe, it is best practice to turn off the power to the motor, remove your workpiece from the machine, then press and hold the foot pedal until the machine stops moving.

Knee Lift Presser foot

  • The presser foot for this machine is controlled by the knee lever beside your right knee, move it to the right to lift the foot. There is also a secondary presser foot lift located in the normal position at the back of the machine.

Adjusting Stitch Length

  • To adjust stitch length, slightly depress the reverse lever (the big bar located just below the stitch length dial) and turn the stitch length knob. Do not turn the knob more than one rotation.

Winding a bobbin

  1. Pass the thread through the thread guide then around the tension discs (located on the table just below the thread holder)
  2. Install the bobbin onto the winder located in front of the belt on the right side of the machine
  3. Remove the needle from the machine (it is not possible to disengage the sewing mechanism while winding bobbin)
  4. Push the bobbin winder rearwards until
  5. it snaps into place against the belt
  6. Turn on the machine, and hold the foot pedal down until the bobbin automatically disengages from the belt.



First turn off the machine!


Follow this handy diagram!


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