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  • Quantity = 1
  • owner = Vancouver Hack Space
  • user certification required = Must be or be with an experienced operator
  • hackable = No (See tips below)
  • model = Bosch ROS10 Random Orbit Palm Sander
  • serial # =
  • arrived = July 2014
  • does it work? = Works
  • if it breaks = Put a "broken" sign on machine, contact John.
  • contact = John Craver
  • where = workshop
  • value = $100

Safety at a Glance


  • Safety glasses


  • Particulate Respirator

Safe Operation


To avoid accidents, the following operational safety rules must be observed by everyone using the Vancouver Hack Space angle grinder. Failure to follow the safety rules may result in a loss of shop privileges.

Operational Safety Rules:

  1. Approach your work at VHS and with the cordless drill with a safe attitude!
  2. Wear Safety Glasses
  3. Be mindful of any harmful dust that can be created when using this tool. Wear a respirator if needed.
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