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Pressure Chamber

Status (Unknown, Operational, Offline, ) as of Date
Training Optional, Recommended, Mandatory
Hackable YES or NO
Usage Restrictions (Anyone, Members Only, Keyholders Only, Whitelist)
Owner (VHS or Name of proper owner)
If it Breaks (Panic procedure, usually involving emailing list and “broken” sign)
Loan Status (Unknown, Owned, Permanent, Temporary, Semi-Permanent
Arrival Date Date
Location (Location within VHS, eg Workshop
Value $$
Champion See Compendium of Champions


#1 rule is to ALWAYS keep all clamps tightly closed while the chamber has ANY pressure inside of it, explosive decompression WILL kill you.


It's a modified paint pot and so has several valves that have been added to give a proper seal. Use the large red air compressor to pressurize.


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