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PowerTIG 250EX

model PowerTIG 250EX
Status Operational
Usage Restrictions Members with Training
Training Mandatory
User certification required YES
Hackable NO
Owner Metal Janet
If it Breaks Let Janet know, put up an Out of Order sign
Loan Status Semi-Permanent Loan
Arrival Date September 2019
Location Rear Metal Area
Champion Metal Janet


Warning: Power must be limited!

We have to keep the machine current draw from the wall down below 14 amps to avoid popping a fuse. Yes I mean fuse, not a breaker. The fuse box is locked because you can get an arc flash when changing the fuse if you do it wrong. Popping the fuse will not hurt the machine, but it will prevent any further lasering, lathing, or welding from continuing until someone with experience can swap the fuse.

The machine is rated for 32 amp draw max, so don't exceed 40% of any of its max ratings:

  • TIG: 250A x 40% = 100A
  • Stick: 200A x 40% = 80A
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