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Norseman Drill Bits

Model / Serial Norseman Black and Gold
Status Operational as of April 2019
Training Optional
Hackable NO
Usage Restrictions Anyone
Owner John Craver
If it Breaks Go to Summit Tools in Burnaby and buy a replacement bit, or contact John
Loan Status Owned
Arrival Date June 2010
Location Unknown at the Mullet
Value $75
Champion See Compendium of Champions

What's So special about these drill bits anyway?

These are very high quality twist drill bits that are designed primarily for drilling through hard metals (such as stainless steel). They are extremely sharp; sharper than average drill bits, so be very careful. Clamping your workpiece is especially important when using these bits, as they can “bite” into the material and snag much easier than average drill bits do.

If you break a bit, please obtain an exact replacement from Summit Tools or any other local dealer of Norseman drill bits(prices range from $2-$10 depending on the size of the bit), or contact John for details.

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