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  • owner = Vancouver Hack Space
  • user certification required = Certification Not Required
  • hackable = Woodshop Committee Approval Required
  • model = Magnum Industrial 5 HP 2-Stage 3-Phase Cyclone Dust Collector
  • serial # =
  • arrived = November 2023
  • does it work? = Yes
  • if it breaks = Put a “broken” sign on machine, notify Woodshop Committee, post on
  • where = In Workshop
  • * value = Yes


Safety at a Glance

No Checkout is explicitly required - with the exception of the orbital sanders all other tools connected to the dust collector requires training.

Mandatory: None

Optional but recommended:

  • Hearing Protection
  • Respiratory Protection


Safe Operation

  • There is a Green On button. Press it and the dust collector will turn on.
  • There is a Red emergency off button. Press the red emergency stop button and the dust collector will turn off. The machine will not turn on again unless the red button is pulled out again.
  • There is a remote on one of the vertical ducts going to the the dust collector with a green button and a red button. Pressing the green button will turn it on (only if the red button on the dust collector is pulled out). The red button will turn off the dust collector.


The purchase of “Herbie Hoover” was facilitated a crowd funding project. Members pledged money for the dust collector and VHS approved a matching dollar amount up to 2000. Additional funding helped pay for some electrical and ducting. Some additional manifolds still need to be created to allow for better airflow into the DC and to provide some extra ports for things like the thickness sander and Dusty our Wood CNC. There are also plans to build some system that will automatically turn on the dust collector when the tools are turned on.

Maintenance Log

Any maintenance, repairs, relocations, changes, etc to the tool should be logged below with a note, date and who!

Saw Dust will accumulate in the bags in the rear of the dust collector. These should be emptied approximately once a month or depending on usage.

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