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Laser PC replacement

Date: Jan 5, 2018

By: Luke Cyca & Luke Searra

Laser PC was not booting, so we put the spare one into service.


LaserCad settings were all default, so we had to:

  • adjusted the max-power to 60%
  • set the travel range to x:100cm, y:80cm
  • change the grid spacing to 10cm (to match the white marks in the cutter bed)
  • change the coordinate systems to agree (so that the coords in LaserCAD match the machine coords)

Future work:

Note that the settings are not locked down like they used to be. On the previous PC we had a LCC account that could change these settings, and a regular account that could not.

The laser user folder needs to be recovered off the old PC, and copied to the new one.

It would be great to fix the old laser PC to have it as a spare.

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