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Written By: Thomas Hoff


Today the laser died in the middle of a cut after a loud “PTWWANGG” noise came from the back of the machine. The laser was pathing normally and was not obstructed by anything when this happened. The machine was paused then we did a visual inspection of the laser cutter and determined that the laser tube had fractured.

Prior to Maintenance

In preparation of maintenance the area was swept clean, tools put away, laser was vacuumed and the insdies of the machine dusted with the air compressor. Laser cutters windows were cleaned with windex, and the mirrors were cleaned with isopropol alcohol.

Everything under the laser was then cleaned up, organized and placed into new bins which have lids.


Filters were then changed, however I noticed that we are lacking charcoal. I did my best to spread out the little that remained evenly. I then replaced the top filters with new ones and vacuumed the inside of the filter box.

Water Chiller

The water chiller was placed on a dolly and the water was drained from the laser Tube.

There was algae in the water so the whole system was washed out and cleaned. The water pumps were re-positioned and a metal brace was installed to keep the evaporator secure. Two aluminum tubes were installed in the top of the cooler where the tubes use to run through to make things a little more sturdy. I dumped bottle of isopropal alcohol that was about 3/4th full into the water chiller so we don't have algae in your system again.

The water chiller was then run for a while to ensure functionality, however I noticed one pump, the one that is just moving water around in the cooler, was not pumping water.

Laser Tube

NOTE: The laser alignment blocks were loose because the set screws were not tightened. This could have been the cause of past alignment issues. Prior the removal of the tube measurements were taken from the nose of the laser to the first mirror using a digital micrometer to ease alignment. Distance from the nose to the mirror was exactly 38.00mm.

The new tube was brought out from the shelves in the back and placed by the laser.

Laser tube was then removed and replaced with the new unit. The new laser tube was then adjusted to be 38.00mm from the mirrors like the previous one. The wire on the front and the back were then connected. And the water tubes were then reconnected. The Water Chiller was then run to pump water through the new laser.

Alignment and Initial Testing

This has not been started and needs to be complete. Machine has not been turned on yet.

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