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Labeling Supplies at VHS

The right side of the brown wooden desk downstairs contains labeling supplies

Brady IDPal Label Printer

Location: Front wood desk, top right drawer

  • Printer works best when plugged into a 9V adapter
  • Leave it plugged in as you print and it won't be streaky or full of gaps

Brother QL-570 Label Printer

Location: Unknown

Creating a Basic Label

  1. Determine which size labels are currently loaded, if not already known. Open the top cover and examine the roll. The dimensions should be printed on the left side.
  2. Ensure that the label spool is installed correctly. It should spool from the top with the label side down. Feed the spool through the front slot so that the start of the spool lines up with the opening. It should not stick out.
  3. Close the top cover. If loaded correctly the LED should be green. If it is red, try reloading the spool.
  4. Start P-Touch software.
  5. On welcome screen, select custom label.
  6. On the custom label screen, confirm that the dimensions match the label spool. If not, adjust them to the correct values.
  7. Add your text to the label and print.

Box of Label Strips

Box of Label Cards

The left side of the desk contains office supplies

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