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HP Color LaserJet 3600n

  • Location: Front of VHS near the fridge
  • Hostname:
  • IP address:
  • Drivers: link
  • Specs: link
Setup: Mac OS X
  1. Go to System Preferences → Printers
  2. Click the + sign to add a printer
  3. Select IP
  4. Enter the Address: and select the Protocal 'HP Jetdirect - Socket'
  5. Use should populate with 'HP Color LaserJet 3600'
  6. Click 'Add'
Setup: Linux (KDE)
  1. Control Center → Printers
  2. Select 'Add'
  3. Select 'Network Printer'
  4. Select 'Other'
  5. Name Anything you want we suggest 'VHS_Lasjer_3600n'
  6. Make sure 'AppSockets/HP JetDirect'; is selected
  7. YOU MUST MAKE SURE Driver is set to 'Foomatic + hpijs'
  8. For path enter
  9. On the Printer Model Screen
  10. On the next screen make sure it knows the model is a 'LaserJet 3600'
  11. Leave the select defaults alone
  12. We recommend printing a test page
  13. Make sure to select 'Finish'
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