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  • owner = Vancouver Hack Space
  • user certification required = no
  • hackable = No (See tips below)
  • model = Hakko FX-888D
  • serial # =
  • how many do we have? = 3
  • arrived = May 2013
  • does it work? = Works
  • if it breaks = Unplug machine, put a “broken” sign on machine, contact VHS email list.
  • contact = VHS email list
  • where = Above the electronics test area
  • replacement value = $100 each

Operation Details

Hakko FX-888D irons use Hakko T18 Series tips

This is one of the better videos about soldering:

The UI of these stations are a bit confusing.

To set the temperature, hold ENTER until the numbers start flashing, then use UP to increment the flashing digit, and ENTER to move to the next digit.

Holidng UP puts the iron in calibration mode, which allows you to input the current temperature of the iron, to program an offset. Use a soldering iron thermometer to determine this temperature.

To avoid accidentally putting the irons in calibration mode when trying to set the target temperature, we have enabled the password lockout on them - a code is required to enter the calibration mode. the code on all three of our irons is “abc”

Here is the undocumented factory reset procedure to factory reset them: Instructions from the above video, and updated from this Adafruit forum thread:

  • Press and hold Up and Enter buttons, then turn station on
  • Continue holding until display flashes 'A'
  • For Celsius, press Enter
  • For Fahrenheit, press Up (display should flash 'U') then press Enter

The soldering station should now return to normal operation, with factory calibration.

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