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French Cleat Wall

French Cleats have a number of advantages in any shop. They can support a great deal of weight, they are flexible in how you arrange items on the wall, and tool holders can be made to fit just about any type of tool you can imagine. A french cleat wall was created to help improve organization in the wood shop and replaces a peg board system that often was too insecure to hold tools of any significant weight.

Make & Model Member Made
Serial Number 1
User Manual Not Available
Status In Production
Training None - though some experience with the tablesaw is useful
Hackable YES
Usage Restrictions Anyone
Owner VHS
If it Breaks Fix it yourself
Loan Status Permanent
Arrival Date February 2022
Location Woodshop
Value Made from scraps so pretty low.
Champion Phillip M, Reuben Z.


Don't put too heavy of stuff on the french cleat wall. The french cleat wall might be able to support it but the members might not be able to put it back. Keep away from fires especially the dumpster type.


Size and Dimensions:

  • The cleats are 5/8“ ply.
  • Bevel is 45deg.
  • Each cleat is 2.5” tall. And 3“ spacing between each row of cleats.
  • Extra cleats will be available or can be made to the specification noted.

Basic Requirements:

  • Tool holders should not be screwed directly into the wall.
  • Tool holders should lock into place so they don’t fall off the wall. This can be a wedge, block, or some other gizmo or doodad that meets this requirement.
  • Tool holders should be labeled with what they are supposed to hold. Puns are welcomed.
  • Items placed on this tool wall should ideally be commonly used items.
  • Painting is optional.

Members are encouraged to make their tool holders as they see fit provided they meet the requirements noted above and adequate space.


Please refer to this talk post for more information:

Maintenance Log

Any maintenance, repairs, relocations, changes, etc to the tool should be logged below with a note, date and who!

Note Date Who
Wiki entry created Nov 20, 2013 Phillip M.
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