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Form 1 SLA Resin 3D Printer

Status Work in Progess
Training Mandatory
Hackable Hardware: No / Software: maybe, see below
Usage Restrictions Members Only
Owner VHS
If it Breaks Put a “broken” sign on machine, post to Talk with details.
Loan Status Generously donated to VHS
Arrival Date Aug 2018
Location Workbench (designated SLA printing station)
Champion See Compendium of Champions


Use only Novus 1 cleaner to clean the acrylic surfaces of the tank and the orange hood of the printer.
Do NOT use isopropyl alcohol on acrylic



Set Up a Print

you will need to download the openFL version of Preform to slice your model and upload it to the printer.

Cleaning Up

always remote the build platform from the machine before removing the tank

How to Clean the Tank

Semi official instruction from FormLabs staff

1. Use the scraper to scrape out as much resin as possible.
2. Use the squirt bottle to squirt IPA into the tank while holding the tank upside down so the IPA can drip out. You don’t want the liquid pooling in the resin tank as it could seep under the silicone, destroying the tank. You can use the scraper to wipe the silicone.
3. Place the resin tank upside down on a paper towel to let the IPA drip out and dry.

Clean Up After a Successful Print

remove platform from the printer, remove the print leave resin in tank

Clean Up After a Failed Print

Remove platform, remove all cured resin from the tank with spatula. use comb if needed, to filter out small bits.


Tank Maintainance

Replacement parts

Formlabs has officially discontinued the Form1, so parts must be bought from 3rd party suppliers has replacement parts like resin trays

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