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Essemtec Pick and Place Machine

Brand Essemtec
Model Expert-FPSA
Status Arrived as of Jan 27, 2022
Training TBD
Hackable NO
Usage Restrictions Members Only
Owner VHS
If it Breaks Unplug machine, put a “broken” sign on machine, post on slack.
Loan Status Owned
Arrival Date Jan 2022
Location Soldering Bench C3
Value $$$$
Champion See Compendium of Champions


Quick Summary of the Pick and Place expert-brochure-en.pdf


  1. Scan Manual to PDF
  2. Install Monitor Output for Camera
  3. Build Desk and False Wall for Final Location
  4. Move to Final Location
  5. Install Air Line
  6. Add Feeder and Accessories Organized and Labeled Storage
  7. Put Wiki QR Sticker on Machine
  8. Document Procedure in Easy-To-Consume Media (here, on Wiki)
  9. Document Safety Concerns
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