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Battery Spot Welder

Small portable battery spot welder used for making custom battery packs and replacing old cells. This spot welder uses a lipo battery that needs to be charged periodically. One charge of the lip battery will typically provide around 400 welds.

Model / Serial DIY Arduino Battery Spot Welder Kit V3.3 Full Bundle Lipo Battery
Status Operational as of 01Oct2020
Training Optional
Hackable NO
Usage Restrictions Anyone
Owner VHS
If it Breaks Put a sign on it and research how to fix it
Loan Status Owned
Arrival Date 01Oct2020
Location Electronics Area
Value $300
Champion See Compendium of Champions


Be careful anytime you are working with new or used battery packs. Battery packs that are shorted or not correctly constructed can explode and catch fire (think hoverboard battery packs). Before creating or modifying any battery pack ensure you understand what you are doing.

Only charge the provided spot welder Lipo battery with the self balancing charger provided in the kit.

Use common hygiene when using spot welder:

  • make sure surfaces are clean
  • do not spot weld wet or oily surfaces
  • a few small sparks may be created so make sure you don't spot weld on top of dryer lint



Maintenance Log

Note Date Who
Tool donated 01Oct2020 Brian S.
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