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Air Brushes

VHS has two airbrushes for members to use. A gravity feed Iwata Revolution for beginners that can experiment with, and a siphon feed Iwata Eclipse for experienced users looking to cover larger surfaces.

Please bring your own paint:

  • water based / acrylic paint
  • use with airbrush medium
Model / Serial The Revolution CR Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS
Status Operational as of Apr 21, 2021 Operational as of Apr 21, 2021
Training Recommended Recommended
Hackable NO NO
Usage Restrictions Anyone with basic knowledge of air brush operation Users with more advanced knowledge of airbrush operation
If it Breaks Post on talk Post on talk
Loan Status Anon. Donation purchased with gift card donation from OPUS Arts
Arrival Date
Location Paint and mess room
Value $155 $212
Champion See Compendium of Champions


wear PPE (ventilator) if using non-water-based paint

Use compressed air line marked with green tape, check that it's connected to the correct regulator (pictures to come)


Do NOT use enamel paint


at the minimum, user needs to know how to clean the airbrushes

Common Troubleshooting

[to be added later]

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