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Air Compressor

Make & Model Campbell Hausfeld VT627505AJ
Serial Number L12/18/07-00082
User Manual vt6275_manual.pdf
Status Operational as of 2021-04-21
Training RTFM
Hackable NO
Usage Restrictions Anyone
Owner VHS
If it Breaks Post on Talk, tape an Out of Order sign onto it
Arrival Date Date
Location Woodshop soundproof closet
Value $$
Champion See Compendium of Champions


This should outline safety concerns and guidelines for the tool and it's operation.


Oil type: SAE30 Air Compressor Oil, or 10W30 Full Synthetic motor oil

Specs: 60 Gallon 135 PSI Max. 3.2 HP Motor 240V 15A 60Hz 1ph 11.5 SCFM @ 40PSI 10.2 SCFM @ 90PSI

Motor: Model: Emerson T63XWBSS1486 Definite Purpose Compressor Motor FLA: 15.0 RPM: 3450 Frame Size: 56 Insulation Type: T Duty: Continuous Locked Rotor Amps: 93


Instructions on how to use the tool or links to references, pdf guide or something. This should be a solid basis for any required training.

Maintenance Log

Any maintenance, repairs, relocations, changes, etc to the tool should be logged below with a note, date and who!

Note Date Who
Wiki entry created 2021-04-21 John C.
Oil changed 2021-04-21 John C.
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