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Name of Tool

Summary description of the tool and perhaps some misc notes about it's existence!

Model Ace ITT Holub Industries A-27 Dust Extractor
Serial 786069
Status Offline as of 2021-04-24
Training n/a
Hackable YES
Usage Restrictions
Owner VHS
If it Breaks (Panic procedure, usually involving emailing list and “broken” sign)
Arrival Date Jan 2019
Location Woodshop Soundproof Closet
Value $$
Champion See Compendium of Champions


This should outline safety concerns and guidelines for the tool and it's operation.


2HP Motor (Baldor VL3515) 240V, 3450RPM


Instructions on how to use the tool or links to references, pdf guide or something. This should be a solid basis for any required training.

Maintenance Log

This was stripped for parts when the “Herbie Hoover” was added to the woodshop. The motor is all that remains at VHS for this.

Note Date Who
Wiki entry created Nov 20, 2013 Thomas L.
Stripped for Parts Nov, 2023 Phillip M.
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