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6040 CNC Mill

model YOOCNC 6040Z S80 (Parallel port version)
Status Operational
Usage Restrictions Members with Training
Training Mandatory
User certification required YES
Hackable NO
Owner Jim Stamper (@winegummo)
If it Breaks Let Jim know, put up an Out of Order sign
Loan Status Semi-Permanent Loan
Arrival Date September 2019
Location Machining Area
Champion Jim Stamper (@winegummo)

Machine is in the process of being set up and tested.

Please do not use it without Jim's permission until everything is ready.

If you would like to read over the manual, there is a digital version stored on the control box and a paper copy stored with the machine.

thank you

Startup Procedure

  1. Turn on controller power (red switch)
  2. Login to computer (ask on slack #cnc for password if you have been trained)
  3. Start Mach3mill


Homing is currently manual. The machine should already be homed. If not:

  1. Enable Mach3 by pressing reset if necessary
  2. Drive the machine to the back, right, top position (be careful to not overdrive the machine into the endstops)
  3. Click “Ref All Home”
  4. Ensure soft limits are enabled


  • Ensure Softlimits are on. If you are getting softlimits warnings, make sure the machine is homed correctly, and then reload your gcode. If you still get softlimit warnings, please ask before continuing!
  • To turn the spindle on, use the green “VFD-SP” switch, dial in the speed in Hz, and press Run.

Shutdown Procedure

  • Put away endmills and clamping gear
  • Leave the machine in the home position
  • Clean up your mess
  • Shutdown the computer
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