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AnyCubic Photon Mono

Summary description of the tool and perhaps some notes about its existence!

Make & Model AnyCubic Photon Mono
User Manual
Training Mandatory on any SLA printer
Hackable No
Usage Restrictions Anyone
Owner Phillip Ma
If it Breaks Report on Slack/Talk - please tag @phillip_m (slack) or @phillip_ma (talk)
Loan Status Long Term Loan
Arrival Date September 2023
Location Paint and Mess Room
Value $$
Champion See Compendium of Champions


Nitrile Gloves are Mandatory Respirator and turning on Ventalation highly recommended.


2k printer

Approved Resins

Members are encouraged to bring their own resin for their printing. Resin left behind is fair game for anyone to use and can easily be mixed in with resins of a different brand affecting the print quality of subsequent prints.

Brand Layer Thickness Normal Exposure Bottom Exposure time Bottom Layers
Elegoo Plant Based 3D Printer Resin 0.05mm 1.5s 80s 6


Contact @phillip_m or @avy on slack for training. A form is also pinned to the #3dprinting channel in slack but contact us directly if you want the run down.

Maintenance Log

Note Date Who
Routine Test print March 5th, 2024 Phillip M
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