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  • owner = Vancouver Hack Space
  • user certification required = None Required
  • hackable = No (See tips below)
  • model = Mastercraft
  • serial # =
  • arrived = November 2011
  • does it work? = Works
  • if it breaks = Put a "broken" sign on machine, contact John.
  • contact = John Craver
  • where = On the workbench
  • value = $80

Safety at a Glance


  • Safety Glasses
  • Clamps or Bench Vise


  • Face Shield
  • Hearing Protection


  • Gloves (NEVER use gloves near rotating machinery!)
  • Jewellery, Long Hair (tie back), and loose fitting clothing.

Safe Operation


The cordless drill is convenient for drilling holes in locations that would be difficult for a corded drill to reach. To operate the drill, secure the bit in the keyless chuck, and with the bit pressed against the clamped or otherwise secured material to be drilled, slowly pull the trigger to start drilling the hole. Make sure that the drill bit is spinning clockwise. Once the hole has been started, it is now safe to increase the drill bit's speed while keeping constant pressure of the drill bit into the material. Once the hole has been drilled completely through the material, keep the drill spinning as you back the bit out of the hole.

This particular drill is powered by a proprietary 18.0V Nickel-Cadmium battery pack, which makes this drill more powerful than many other kinds of cordless drills, but also heavier as well. The drill has a spare battery pack which should be left plugged into the charger on the workbench so it stays fully charged and ready for use for when the drill's first battery runs out.

To avoid accidents, the following operational safety rules must be observed by everyone using the Vancouver Hack Space cordless drill. Failure to follow the safety rules may result in a loss of shop privileges.

Start With A Risk Assessment To Ensure A Safe Work Area:

  1. A two foot perimeter around the drill should be kept clear of people, debris and sawdust that impair traction or footing to avoid slips and falls.
  2. Safety glasses or a face shield must be worn. Hearing protection is recommended when using the cordless drill for a long period of time.
  3. Remove loose fitting clothing, jewelry, and tie back long hair.
  4. Give the work your undivided attention.
  5. Do not wear gloves or anything that would allow a hand, fingers or clothing to be wrapped around the revolving bit.

Operational Safety Rules:

  1. Approach your work at VHS and with the cordless drill with a safe attitude!
  2. Make sure the size of the bit is equal to or less than the capacity of the drill (drill bits should have a shank size of 3/8" or less).
  3. Do not exceed the recommended speeds for the type and size of drill bit being used or composition of the stock being drilled.
  4. Center punch the drill-hole location into the stock.
  5. Use a clamp or vise to securely fasten the stock to the drill press table. Never attempt to handhold stock less than 3’ long while drilling.
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