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Taig CNC mill

Status Works
Training Mandatory
Hackable No
Usage Restrictions Members Only
Owner Brian (Gear105 online)
If it Breaks Put a “broken” sign on machine, post to Talk with details.
Loan Status Loaned to VHS by Brian
Arrival Date November 2016
Location Workshop
Champion See Compendium of Champions


Forum thread, login info, etc.

Safety at a Glance

CNC machines don't care what they're cutting, whether it is steel, or human flesh.


  • Safety Glasses
  • Clamping devices (apply liberally; better to have more clamps at moderate pressure than few at great pressure, to avoid damaging the T-slot)
  • an experienced machine operator (if this is not you, you must get someone to help you!)
  • long hair must be tied back

Optional (but recommended):

  • Face Shield

Not recommended (must have a reason why):

  • Hearing Protection (The CNC machine isn't very loud, and you will be able to determine how well a particular job is running based on how the machine sounds)


  • Gloves, loose clothing (NEVER near rotating machinery!)
  • Unclamped Material (can be thrown off the machine!)

Safe Operation


  • With the power disconnected, clear all non essential material from the CNC working area.
  • Turn on computer and open Mach3
  • Connect power & turn on motor controller
  • This machine has no limit switches, so it must be manually homed each time it is powered up
  • I should be left in the home position (g28) but if it is not…
  • Disable soft limits
  • Drive all steppers to their fully retracted position (using arrow keys, PgUp/PgDn) i.e. Bed should be closest to x and y stepper motors
  • Back off a couple steps (using ctrl + arrows)
  • Go to MDI tab, enable Machine Coord's, and click Ref All Home
  • Unclick Machine Coord's
  • Go to Program Run tab and re-enable soft limits
  • !!!Oil the machine before use!!! both sides of the ways

Zeroing The Stock

  • Note the work origin that you've used in your cam setup.
  • Drive the mill until it is touching the stock.
    • Use (shift + arrows) to go fast. Use (control + arrows) to go one step at a time.
    • For Z, use a piece of paper between the endmill and stock. When the paper can't be moved without ripping, consider that zero
    • For X & Y, turn on the spindle while slowly driving into the stock. Once you hear the endmill engage, zero that axis.
  • For X & Y, compensate for the diameter of the endmill
    • Drive Z up above the stock
    • G0X0.125Y0.125 (or whatever the tool radius is)
    • Zero the X and Y to make this the new home


This machine has no E-Stop button. Here are some important commands if things go awry:

  • ESC: Stops the G-code program
  • F5: Stops/Starts the spindle
  • CTRL-F: Stops/Starts the flood coolant
  • SPACEBAR: Pauses the G-code program

Running G-Code

After G-code is loaded and each tool change or setup, the first few operations should be approached cautiously to ensure everything is setup (and generated) correctly.

  • Point the flood coolant nozzles at the cutting tool
  • Click the CYCLE START button
  • If the program “exceeds soft limits” hit “regen toolpath” in the run window, if it still exceeds the soft limits the part is either tool large or will have to be repositioned
  • As the tool is approaching the workpiece, press SPACEBAR to pause the G-code
  • Press CTRL-F to stop the flood coolant
  • Toggle SINGLE STEP on
  • Click CYCLE START to continue to the next line of G-code
  • Repeat clicking CYCLE START as long as the cutting operation is proceeding as expected. Flush the cutting area with coolant by pressing CTRL-F as necessary
  • When satisfied that the setup and G-code is correct, toggle SINGLE STEP off and click CYCLE START to run until the next tool change (or end of the G-code program).

Shut down

  • Return home (G28 in MDI)
  • Remove your tool(s) from the chuck.
  • Clean up the cutting leftovers. The next user thanks you!
  • Shut off the motor controller and uplug it
  • Exit Mach3, turn off the monitor, and turn of the controller computer at the power supply

Collet Sizes

The Taig takes ER16 Collets.

Currently the following shaft sizes are available 1/32 1/8 3/16 1/4 5/16 3/8

For more info see ER16 Collets


Maintenance History

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