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Summary description of the tool and perhaps some misc notes about it's existence!

Status In Storage as of Jan 1, 2015
Training Optional
Usage Restrictions No minors
Owner VHS
Loan Status Owned
Arrival Date Date
Location Main area
Champion See Compendium of Champions


Being stored by VHS member Jarrett. Will be returned when VHS moves to a location that allows it (or as requested).

Operation Details

Read the manual for detailed instructions; read below for basic instructions:

To turn on: 1. Bring the bbq outside (never use indoors!) 2. Open the valve on the propane tank. 3. Turn one of the knobs on the barbeque to high 4. push the ignitor button to ignite the barbeque. If you can't get the barbeque to ignite easily, shut off the valve on the tank and refer to the manual for further instructions.

To turn off: 1. shut the valve off on the propane tank; leave the barbeque valves open. 2. wait for the propane leftover in the hose to burn off 3. close the barbeque valves. 4. scrub the grills and clean up after yourself.


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