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Servers and Web Resources

NOTE: Currently under revision

VHS Operates many servers inside our space and rents a few Virtual Servers for external operations.

Virtual Servers

We currently have multiple virtual servers from Digital Ocean and Leaseweb.

  • - used for projects, website and forums
  • - mail server and membership system


VHS API is a simple HTTP interface to store values from various sensors. VHS API has a notion of a “Hackspace” which may have various “Datapoints”. Each “Datapoint” has a current value, a time it was last set, and a full history of changes.

The code is up on Github: Read the README for more information on how to hack on this software.

Inside our Space

The VHS LAN uses the IP address range

The following servers and computers have a (semi-)permanent place on the network:

Hostname Current IP Role/Description Routes data to the outside world
vhs-nanobridge Does what?
vhs-powerstation Does what?
vhs-cabinet Solidworks/etc
vhs-g61 Laptop set up next to the routing/switching infrastructure; it currently has the printer connected. (For the liability waivers.)
vhs-em355 Does what?
vhs-5580 Does what?
vhs-doorswitch Door Sensor (Raspberry Pi)
vhs-antec Music/multimedia machine
Google server Vmware EXSI

VM Server

Our VM server, NAS and miscellany

VHS has a server for members to run Virtual Machines (VMs) on. If you want a VM, ask on the vhs-members mailing list and someone will help you set it up. We also have a 6TB NAS server, which should hopefully provide your VM with in-space backup. No warranty expressed or implied, etc etc.

The VHS VM server also runs a PBX (Private Branch Exchange, i.e. telephone switch) for the hackspace.

Server Policy

All servers inside VHS are available for hacking on by all members*. Ask around in the space for the password, and get busy!

* Does not apply to computers that drive the laser cutter, CNC mill or other dangerous moving equipment.

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