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Woodshop Automatic Dust Extraction System (WADES)

In January 2019 JohnC sought out to build a Woodshop Dust Extraction Automation System (WADES) simliar to the one he built for the Science World exhibits fabrication workshop in 2018. The system uses a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) control panel connected via long wires to current sensors mounted at each tool.

This project is a work in progress as of January 24 2019.

Please contact JohnC on the VHS forums or on Slack for details.

The following tools are slated to be connected to WADES:

1. Thickness Sander – 4“ Port

2. Table Saw – 2.5” Port

3. Jointer – Chute, no port afaik

4. CNC Router – No connector

5. Bandsaw (eventually I hope we upgrade beyond our 10“ bandsaw; but if we do it should just be 1:1 replacement) – Currently small port, but we should probably future-proof with 4”

6. Drill Press – No connector; having a Loc-Line based suction would be ideal.

7. Miter Saw – I’ve recently seen a good setup, but it would require making a miter saw bench

8. Thickness Planer – 4“ Port

9. Router Table – No collection port

10. Lathe – Would need a wide collection for chips.

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