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Equipment Purchasing Committee - disbanded Dec 2021

Established: September, 2015

Disbanded: December 2021 as per QGM minutes Dec 5th QGM Minutes

URGENT: EPC is NOT accepting new requests until further notice.

We are currently resolving the outstanding reimbursement requests and establishing a new workflow.

Goals: The Equipment Purchase Committee has a discretionary budget for purchasing new (or used) equipment and maintaining existing equipment. This can include consumables as well as general maintenance items, but is not intended for large purchases nor those that are easy to get buy-in from the membership for. Those purchases should be made by the regular equipment purchasing/funding method where VHS will contribute a portion of the funds required and members will contribute the rest.


  • Thomas L (@laftho)
  • Richard S (@rsim)
  • Lantana T (@lantana)
  • Mimi X (@xquared)
  • Andrew H (@andrewhendriks )
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